Frequently Asked Questions



Q.  How do I place an order?

A.  It's best to call us at 727-687-8111.  A reservation is not guaranteed unless it is paid within 24 hours.

Q.  Do you set up and take down the display?

A.   Yes, we provide full service deliveries.  We take care of set up, take down and pick up.  You don't have to be home.

Q.  What time are deliveries made?

A.  Depending on the reservation, deliveries are usually made while the recipient is away from home.  Sometimes, the recipient is home when a delivery is made.  The time is set at the time the reservation is made and varies depending on the owner's schedule and number of bookings.

Q.  What time are the displays picked up?

A.  Lawn Greeting displays are picked up at different times depending on what has been discussed at the time the reservation is made.  It depends on the owner's schedule.  Generally the display is left approximately 18-24 hours.  It all depends.

Q.  Where do you deliver?

A.  We deliver to most of Pinellas County, Florida.

Q.  May we keep a sign as a souvenir?

A.  No, all signs are rented and are the sole property of Flock n Surprise.  Please do not attempt to remove signs.

Q.  How far in advance should I order the lawn greeting?

A.  1-2 weeks is best to make sure you get the display you want, but we can perform same day service based upon availability of the display.  However, a reservation that hasn't been paid by the due date is not guaranteed.

Q.  Do you deliver in bad weather?

A.  We do deliver in the rain.  If inclement weather prevents us from delivering, we can either reschedule or give you a full refund.  Inclement weather includes lightning, hurricanes, heavy rains, high winds and any other act of God that would put us or our lawn display or the recipient's property in harm's way.

Q.  How do I make a payment?  We accept cash and we accept Credit cards or debit cards via Paypal.  Checks are NOT accepted.  Payment is expected prior to delivery.

Q.  What if I forget to pay my invoice prior to delivery?

A.  The display would not be delivered without payment in advance; however, we will call you if the payment is not received at the time we were expecting it.

Q.  May I cancel and get my money back?

A.  Yes, you may cancel up to 48 hours prior to the contracted delivery time by contacting the owner by phone.   

Q.  Are there any other reasons why you would not deliver as scheduled?

A.  If the owner of the home or the Home Owners Association prevents us from setting up the display, we will not set it up.  If there is an animal on the property threatening to harm us, we will not deliver the display.   If the gate code doesn't work or if we are denied access to a gated community, we will obviously not be able to deliver the display.  If there are cars or other debris in the yard and no where to place the display, we will not deliver the display.  If there is no grass or yard in which to place the Lawn Greeting, we would not be able to set up the display.  The display has stakes which are inserted into the ground so we do not set up in rock beds or shrubbery beds and definitely not in cactus beds and we cannot set up on concrete.  We need dirt / earth to stake into, not pea gravel, mulch, rocks or concrete.

Q.  What if the recipient walks out and catches you?

A.  Luckily since 2007, this has only happened about 5 times.  We tell them we are setting up a surprise for their birthday (and ask them to please not call the cops and to please act surprised :-)).